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Professional In Stainless Steel Equipment Fabrication In Sri Lanka!

With 18 years of unparalleled experience in Stainless Steel fabrication, nobody understands the business better than us. A full-fledged factory manned by the most skilled technicians on the Island, we are capable of undertaking biggest job to the smallest, most intricate assignment.

Our quality control department consists of every one of our seventy-five employees. we pride ourselves in our quality unmatched by anybody because of our materials import from Acerinox- Spain or Nisshin Steel - Japan

Our Business Range

Design, Supplying, Installation & Fabrication of Industrial & Domestic Kitchen Items and S/S Hand Railings for Hotel, Bakery, Hospital, Laundry, Universities, Military Camps, Textile Shops and Apartments.

Stainless Steel Local Products.

  • Kitchen Equipments
  • Exhaust Hoods & Duct Line
  • Hand Railing
  • All type of Display Racks
  • Letters & Sign Board
  • Canopies & Sky Lights
  • Furniture

Stainless Steel Imported Products

  • Cooking Equipments
  • Commercial Refrigerated Equipments
  • Food Processing Equipments
  • Laundry Equipments
  • Cleaning Equipments
  • Supermarket Equipments

Our Most Respected Clients